Available on sheets
UV varnish

The refinement, which similar to foiling, aims to protect the print from UV radiation, moisture and abrasion. Available in glossy or matte version. In contrast to laminating, we can use it on the whole material but also selectively or on convex surface.


Covering with matte or glossy foil to protect stickers from UV radiation, moisture and abrasion. Used only on whole surface.

Silvering / gilding

Refinement of the self-adhesive label with silver eco-solvent print. Printing with Pantone colors: silver and gold, used both in offset and screen printing.


Protection of eco-solvent printing against UV radiation with a liquid laminate applied by a roller.

White print

Overprint and overlay in white. Available in print: UV, eco-solvent and screen printing.

Gel labels

Stickers printed using the eco-solvent method with a very thick layer of gel applied.