At Etykat, we deal with the implementation of professional printing of self-adhesive nameplates. They are labels printed with different techniques. They are most often used for marking machines, circuits, or registering objects with unusual ground. Printing a self-adhesive nameplate in a digital technology with protection in the form of varnish guarantees durability and high resistance to extreme temperatures, rainfall and abrasion. This is extremely important, especially when the stickers are used for marking devices in industrial facilities, where they can be subjected to many factors, and their reliability is subjected to demanding tests.

UV implementations

One of the efficient and popular method of printing such materials as self-adhesive nameplates is UV technology. Customers often choose this type of performance, because it is characterized by a good value for money. Importantly, UV can be used even when ordering a small number of items. The method works, for example, when it is necessary to print a few pieces. Choosing UV wont expose us to big costs. Thanks to the upgrades, the stickers also gain exceptional durability, which makes them perfect even in difficult conditions. UV production also gives the effect of abrasion resistance.

Digital and thermal transfer technique

In our company, you can also print nameplates on rolls. The limitation in this case applies only to raw materials. The digital method is ideal for very large orders. It ensures very high quality and guarantees quick results. In addition, digital tools allow personalization of the project and give the possibility of refinement, for example in the form of UV varnish.
If you want to prepare self-adhesive nameplates on a roll in a smaller number, we recommend reaching for the thermal transfer method. It allows you to prepare a high quality order from 20 pieces. Plates printed in this way are characterized by a high degree of durability, they are not afraid of frosts and heat, as well as mechanical damage. In this way, we prepare various types of stickers.